Foliata/ Beaded Shawl/ Kits with TUS Gradiance Sets

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Twilight (custom)
Twilight (custom)
Inwood (custom)
Inwood (custom)
Nim's original
Nim's original

Foliata  is another beaded beauty by Nim Teasdale  We have set up some lovely kits with Sea Silk Gradiance sets from The Unique Sheep (TUS) plus brilliant beads.

Please make sure to get your pattern directly from Nim's Ravelry page.  What we have here is the yarn and beads for this stunning piece. 

The Design

Nim writes:

Foliata is inspired by the various spiral forms occasionally seen in certain types of plants. Whether you’re currently enjoying the beginnings of summer... or gazing out the windows at bare branches and dreaming of spring, foliage is something to be savoured.

In this design, leaves gradually evolve from small, simple shapes to more elaborate forms as the pattern swirls outwards..

The construction uses a spiralling wedge shape which increases in gradually expanding leaves that radiate sideways out from the centre. 

The stitches increase as the leaves widen, and also increase at the edges to form a generous crescent, or a half circle plus wings.

The pattern includes three sizes, and includes optional light beading.

The pattern is written out and can be knit directly from that or, if preferred, from charts with notes.

The Yarn and Colorways

We are not kitting the same yarn that Nim used in her original.  We have some really wonderful Gradiance colorways that we like very much for this; you can see them in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. 

Our yarn is from The Unique Sheep and is the delicious Sea Silk, 51% silk/ 29% merino/ 20% Sea Cell™.  You will be getting a full 100 grams, totaling 876 yards, divided into sets of four skeins, each 219 yards/ 25g.  The colors change gradually skein to skein.  

This will give you enough for the medium size.  The picured shawl is what Nim is calling the small size and used about 630 yards (575m) of a light fingering/ heavy lace weight yarn.  That one measures about 64: x 22" after blocking.  

Twilight is a slightly customized variation on our usual Twilight colorway, here with silver gray into medium grey very gradually changing into blue and then purple.  

Inwood is again customized for this set, with silver moving into gray into red-violet into rosy magenta.  


There are a few options for the beads.  One can use them sparingly; one can add a lot and have a heavily beaded beauty.

Here's what each kit will be getting:  We will be including a 35g container of size 8/0 beads in each kit -- that will give you roughly 1,400 beads.  This is what will come automatically. 

Possibly you would like even more of the 8/0s  -- this beauty used over 1800  --- just contact me and I'll set you up with what appeals. 

Or maybe you would like a smaller amount of larger 6/0 beads -- Nim used less than 200 of these and the look is great. Again, let me know and we'll work with you. 

If you have a preference on colors, let me know -- otherwise I will choose for you.