For Scarf Water Lily: Zauberball One-At-A-Time

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Smoking Area colorway
Smoking Area colorway
Teezeremonie colorway
Teezeremonie colorway
Randerscheinung colorway
Randerscheinung colorway
Svetlana's original scarf
Svetlana's original scarf
All of these colorways together just to show you how well they go together.
All of these colorways together just to show you how well they go together.

I am really in love with the designs of Svetlana Gordon.   And I have had my eye on this Scarf Water Lily for a while now.   

Please note:  You should get the pattern for this lovely cowl from Svetlana's Ravelry page.  We offer here simply yarn to knit it with. 

Svetlana takes you through the knitting process with amazing attention to detail.  It is not a difficult project though it will require you to pay attention. The end result is gorgeous.  


Now, she mentions on her Ravelry page that it turns out that she actually mixed three different colorways of Schoppels' Zauberball to make her original scarf.  

She writes: 

I’ve mentioned in the notes color 2308, but when I’ve finished the work I’ve discovered that there accidentaly have been put one skein 2260 and one skein 2249. I don’t know which one of them pink and which one is green.

And as I really love the look, I brought in all three and want to offer you your choice here.  

So this web page offers you these Zauberball skeins one-at-a-time.

You need four total.  Any combination of four.

(I thought at first two balls of one, one ball each of the other two -- which is what Svetlana must have used.   On thinking it over, you would also be fine with a 3 + 1 or even 4 of one.  It is totally your choice, your design sense.)  

On this page, you are able to choose for yourself which colorways you put together to get your four balls.

Let me try to describe them for you here. 

1.  Smoking Area (#2308) has greens, teals, and violets blended beautifully.

2.  Teezeremonie (#2249) (translation:Tea Ceremony) has a lovely range including greens and maroon and fuchsia. 

3.  Randerscheinung (#2260) (this might translate to something like "the forest's edge") is blendings of varying greens from sage into forest green.  

The Smoking Area and the Randerscheinung are both Zauberball,  75% merino wool/ 25% nylon with 459 yards(420 meters)/ 100g.

The Teezeremonie is Zauberball 100, with 100% merino wool and 437 yards (400m)/ 100g. It is just a bit more expensive. 

Make your choices from the drop-down menu.  And have a marvelous time creating....