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Our Nine O'Clock to Twelve O'Clock set dyed in Cirrus
Our Nine O'Clock to Twelve O'Clock set dyed in Cirrus
Mikado (dyed in Sea Silk)
Mikado (dyed in Sea Silk)
Dragon's Dawn (in Sea Silk)
Dragon's Dawn (in Sea Silk)

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Oh my, yes indeed.  This is lovely. 

You must must must must get the pattern from the designer's Ravelry web page here. What we have for you is the kit composed of yarn plus beads.


By  Anna Victoria, here is what she writes about her Forest Maiden Shawl

It is our fight. It will not end here. With every victory this evil will grow. If your father has his way, we will do nothing. We will hide within our walls, live our lives away from the light and let darkness descend. Are we are not part of this world? --Tauriel

This shawl forms a crescent shape and is knitted top down.

Yarn and Colorways

There is a fairly large yardage range indicated, due to the mesh part of the pattern consuming various amount of yarn depending on the gauge.  Overall if you figure on 492 - 634 yards (450 - 580 m) of lace weight yarn, you will be fine.  

Note that the pattern can be worked in other weights as well but what we offer on this web page is a kit using lace weight yarn. 

We are not offering the same yarn as Anna used --- you can see our kits in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos of her original shawl are here to show you the design. 

A) Our first two kits use as the base yarn Cirrus (from The Unique Sheep, aka TUS), the exclusive-to-EarthFaire heavy lace weight 80/20 blend of merino/silk.  We have it set up so that each kit will have four skeinettes totaling about 945 yards, well more than you will need.

Three of the skeins of each set has 218 yards; the fourth has 291 yards.  We wanted to be sure that you have extra "insurance" when you come to the longer bind-off rows.  

These colorways are based on one of the first color circles which Kelly developed.  It was originally for the Hazy Daze shawl but I wanted to expand on its use as it is so very lovely.  The colors are lovely rainbow tones which have been greyed a bit to tone them down and add a very misty look to them. 

You will have to imagine a clock in the center of the circle shown here. 

1. The first colorway we have here  runs from One O'Clock to Four O'Clock on the clock you are picturing on the circle (second photo on this page).

To describe:   this is a gold into peach into pink with some violet too.  A delicious combination of colors -- this is the delicate hues of a sunrise. 

(Sorry, this one sold out and we took down the photo of it.  See the additional kit added as #4 below for another with a very similar color palette.)

2. We also brought in of the Nine O'Clock to Twelve O'Clock sets.  This is soft blue into willow into a gold and then a whisper of peach. Lovely! Here is a blend of a soft summer day, with cooling breezes beside a lake crowned with buttercups.  

B) Our next two kits use as a base yarn Sea Silk and is composed of 51% Silk/ 29% Merino Wool/ 20% Sea Cell™.

 Sea Cell is  eco-friendly fabric made from seaweed. Developed by Nanonic Inc, a small percentage of the plant is mixed with cellulose, putting it in the same family as lyocell. The type of seaweed used, known as brown algae, is certified organic.

The look and feel is fantastic -- it has a lovely glow and a smooth and delicious hand.  

Each of our sets is composed of four small skeins, 219 yards/ 25g so the total per set is rouglhly 876 yards/ 100g, making it a heavy lace weight yarn. (It is just a tad more expensive than Cirrus, as noted in the drop-down menu.)

3.  The colorway here is called Mikado.  Starting with a rich golden yellow and sliding into spring greens, darkening gradually and ending with a striking iris, this reminds me so much of the flowers that bloom in the spring (tra la!).  :-)

(Sorry, sold out)

4.  Dragon's Dawn is a wonderful colorway, very similar to our "1:00 to 4:00" which sold out.  With both warm and cool tones, this had a lovely soft delicate apricot which moves into richer rosy-amber-ornage and then  into rose and violet.  Gorgeous. 


The pattern calls for 813 beads, in size 8/0 for the lace weight.

We will include roughly 25 grams of beads, which will give you about 1,000 of size 8/0. 

You can choose to get all one color (mirroring one of the colors of the yarn or contrasting perhaps)  or a mix based on all of the colors in the yarn set.

Make your choice via the drop-down menu above.   

The Pattern

Charts only, no row by row written description included.

And a reminder: you should plan to get the pattern from the designer's Ravelry web page here. What we have for you is the kit composed of yarn plus beads.

Really really beautiful!