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Our kit
Our kit
Natalia's original piece.
Natalia's original piece.
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A wonderful smile-maker!

This scarf by Natalia Moreva is called Fox Frenzy, and is a wonderful design to make your own very unique scarf. 


Please be sure to get your pattern directly from Natalia on her website here.  What we have put together is kits of yarn that you can use to knit this beauty. 


The Design

Here is what Natalia writes:

These foxes are all knit using mosaic technique, with just one color used in any row.

The eyes and noses are embroidered with duplicate stitch (holding yarn double), but there are many ways they could be decorated. Try using beads, or buttons, or maybe even toy eyes from your local craft store - that’s going to look just awesome!

You can combine foxes and zigzags in any way you like, as a wrap, scarf, or even a blanket.

The scarf as pictured is seamed, because I wanted to have the same foxes on both ends. It is small, about 150cm long and 30 cm wide. I used just one skeing of Uneek Fingering-weight yarn from Urth.

Each fox is about 14-15 X 14-15 cm depending on how they’re blocked.

Yarn and Colorway

So we put together kits which will enable you to make one of these smaller size scarves as Natalia describes above (the 150cm in length = a bit more than 59",  and 30cm= just shy of 12" wide).

Get more than one if you wish to make a longer scarf or any of the other pieces Natalia suggests. 

We have not put together exact duplicates of the colorways or yarns that Natalia used.  We also offer as the main yarn Uneek Fingering.  You can see our selections in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.

Our kits will consist of one skein of Uneek Fingering (100% superwash merino with 435 yards (398 meters) per 100g skein.  Each colorway is specially dyed to give the self-striping look you see in Natalia's original. 

Plus what is needed is roughly 10 - 15g of two solid colors -- Natalia's foxes use orange and white.  We have KFI's Teenie Weenie Wool, 75% wool + 25% nylon, small skeins of 10g giving 43 yards (40m) in two colorways, one skeinette of each. 



Our Kit:

1. Uneek Fingering in colorway #3010; this includes fuchsia, goldenrod, orange, turquoise, green, and violet.

2. KFI's Teenie Weenie Wool, one skeinette in Pumpkin (a medium orange) and one in Ecru