Friendly Frogs Clasp/ Hook & Eye/ Antique Silver or Brass

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I love frogs!

So when I saw these great hook & eye clasps, I fell head-over-heels.

They are very sweet and petite smiling frogs, that clasp together most happily.

We currently have an Antique Brass (sort of a matte golden tone) and an Antique Silver (a matte silver).

The photos on this page don't show the antique silver ones -- the lower right-hand ones on the top picture are the antique brass color.  These pictures are bascially here simply to show you the look and shape.

I want to be sure you see that these are small-ish clasps -- you can tell that by seeing them next to the penny in the second photo here. Closed the clasp is about 1 1/4" long and roughly 1/3" wide.

A great addition to your bracelet or necklace -- guaranteed to make you smile.