From Katia: Louvre: 2 Colorways: Great for Crochet!

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#81: Pinks & Violets
#81: Pinks & Violets
#83 : Aqua & Celery
#83 : Aqua & Celery

A truly gorgeous new yarn from Katia, Louvre is composed of 96% Viscose + 3% Polyester +1% Polyamide and has a glorious look to it including a sparkling silveriness. 

Each 50 gram ball has 180 yards, making it a perfect fingering weight yarn and marvelous for warm-weather knits and crochets. 


Here I quote what is written on Louvre's web page on Ravelry:

Louvre is a wonderful laceweight printed yarn in soft viscose with a mildly shiny effect. If you like our Versailles yarn, you’ll love Louvre, especially if you have a soft spot for original crochet shawls.

Thanks to its thin weight, you will enjoy a lighter yarn that allows you to comfortably work pretty crochet lace stitches. This way, you will optimize the performance and weight of your summer accessories and garments.

(Though, of course, these would look lovely knitted as well.)


We brought in two colorways to try out: 

#81 Pinks & Lilacs : this combines cream with varying depths of pinks and rose plus lilac and violet (with that silver I mentioned earlier). 

#83 Aqua & Celery : some cream and sage and celery and teal and aqua and a bit of goldenrod (plus that shiny silver).