Fruhlingshauch: Kits of Silk/Mohair with Beads

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Our kit
Our kit
Ute's original
Ute's original

Ute Nawratil is one of my favorite designers -- she comes up with truly lovely pieces that have an intriguing something extra to them. 

This one, Frühlingshauch, has been around for a few years but I just stumbled on it when I was looking for something lacy and light for the coming warmth of summer. 


Please be sure to get your pattern directly from Ute on her Ravelry page here.  What we offer is yarn and beads to help you create this beauty. 


The Design

Here I quote the awesome designer:

’Frühlingshauch’ (= ‘A touch of spring’) is a triangular shawl, worked in two-color brioche from side to side. The pattern is quite simple and a good exercise for those who aren’t overly familiar with the technique.

For the most part, the shawl is done in straight brioche rows, with leaves emerging at one edge. For that airy, translucent appearance you should use yarn with a blend of silk and mohair.

A little warning: Each leaf is finished separately from the main part of the shawl. Unfortunately this means a lot of loose ends. I put small beads at the tops of the leaves to sweeten the loathed sewing in of those loose ends.

The Yarn and Colorways

As she says above, Ute's suggestion of using yarn of silk/mohair lends a frothy ethereal look.  And though we do not have both of the exact yarns she used nor have we duplicated the colors, we do have two beautiful yarns that will look great in this. You can see our kit in the upper righthand corner of the first photo on this page and again below that.

On close examination of the colorways that Ute used in her beautiful original, I noticed that she didn't go for sharply contrasting tones (as is often the case with brioche) but rather a solid (a pink from Garnstudio Drops Kid-Silk) that matched somewhat one of the colors in the colorway of the other (Lana Grossa's Silk Hair Print). 


Our Kit:

Instead of Silk Hair Print, we brought in Lana Grossa's Silk Hair Dégradé, a lovely silk/mohair blend. Each skein is made up of 70% Super Kid Mohair, 30% Silk and gives about 440 yards in each 50 gram pull skein.  

This colorway is called Wine & Roses and has long color runs which will be perfect in this design.  I see wine and mauve, rose and apricot.  Gorgeous!

Our solid color is Lana Grossa's Silkhair, with 70% Super Kid Mohair, 30% Silk and about 230 yards/ 25g skein.  The color is a rich Magenta


As Ute's original used 50 grams (about 440 yards) of each, we will include one skein of Wine & Roses and two skeins of Magenta in each kit. 



Ute used small beads for the tops of her leaves -- she needed 18

We will include a few more than that.  There are quite a few that will work well.  Consider the 6/0 seed beads, or perhaps you would like to try fire polish crystals to really add a glow.  Personally, the idea of little 4mm fire polish crystals on each leaf really appeals to me. 

Tell me if you have a preference on bead type or on color; otherwise I will chose for you.