Geshi from Noro: Pattern Suggestion!

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Geshi #8 (Unzen)
Geshi #8 (Unzen)
Geshi #9 (Ibara)
Geshi #9 (Ibara)
Geishi #10 (Tomioka)
Geishi #10 (Tomioka)
Ute's original Snail Trail
Ute's original Snail Trail

I am really delighted to have these to offer. 

Brand-new and stunning, these new Noro yarns offer long color runs of vibrantly gorgeous colors on a DK weight yarn that is perfect for summer knitting.   And then I saw this pattern by Ute Nawratil and a brilliant idea was born!

 About the Yarn

This is not not not the same yarn as what Ute used in her original piece.  We just think it is gorgeous and could work very well indeed (see my note at the end of this web page). 

Geshi is composed of 35% Viscose/ 35% Cotton/ 20% Silk/ 10% Wool, with each cake (yes, it is already wound for you) a generous 656 yards/ 200g. 

We have three gorgeous colorways you can choose among:

Color #8:  Unzen:  This is a glorious sunset colorway, with golds and apricots of varying tones and subtleties. 

Color #9:  Ibara:  A delicious blending of fuchsias and pinks.  

Color #10: Tomioka:  This is a cool mix of varying tones of puple, blue and gray. 

About the Design

Here is what Ute writes: 

"Snail Trail" is an asymmetrical shawl which is shaped by increases on one side.

In the original size it is more of a shawlette than a wrap but it can easily be enlarged.

Due to the curved upper edge, it nestles particularly nicely around the neck and does not slip so easily. The pattern can be adapted to different yarn lengths as each of the stitch sets in the different sections can be repeated or omitted. 

Although you can, of course, use any yarn you want, I had specifically long gradients in mind when I designed this.


Please note:  you need to get the pattern directly from the designer's Ravelry page.  What we have here is yarn for this beauty. 


Note that Ute suggests you have 809 - 820 yards (740 - 750 m) on hand to make this lovely piece. (At least one of the finished shawls on the Project Pages uses less). 

As Geshi is a bit heavier than fingering weight, your yardage will most likely vary.  My thought is that one ball would be enough to make a lovely shawl but I haven't tried it out yet -- that is why this is a pattern suggestion only, and not classified as a "kit."  

These yarns are gorgeous.  The pattern is so intriguing.  I love the idea of them together (and definitely have plans for this myself).