Get Your Kicks on Route 66/ Beaded Kits: New Mechita Colors

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The rest of the photos show Mindy's original pieces so you can get a good idea of the design.
The rest of the photos show Mindy's original pieces so you can get a good idea of the design.

Another set of kits, this time in some brand-new colorways of Mechita (by Malabrigo).

This is a marvelously fun "thingie" by  Mindy Ross, called Get Your Kicks on Route 66

The Design

Mindy writes: 

GAS up and LET’S GO. 

Ridin’ Along and Gettin’ some Kicks on Route 66 is a tribute to an amazing historic track of roadway in the Southwestern portion of America. 

Based on the textures & terrain, this latest ‘thingie’ depicts some landscaping ideas with lots of imagination & fantasy as you knit along during your ‘trip’. As the story goes: From Chicago to LA… 

Let our minds wander as we imagine times gone by.


Note that the pattern is totally written out (no charts at all) as Mindy takes you on a journey along the fabled highway.

Yarns and Colorways

All you need is some light fingering or fingering weight yarn (680-750 yards should suffice) though the pattern will also work with just about any weight of yarn -- Mindy mentions lace weight, light fingering, fingering, and light DK.  

We have not duplicated exactly the yarn nor the colors that Mindy used in her original pieces.  You can see what we offer in the inset photos on the top picture and again right below that. 

What we have put together are some great kits using fingering weight yarns of tonal colorways (with beads as well; more data below).

All of our kits are composed of Mechita from Malabrigo, 100% Merino Superwash, with 420 yards/ 100g -- two skeins will be in each kit. 

Storm: This is a wonderful speckled colorway, predominantly varying blues on rea but with dots of surprising colors hidden here and there -- I see a small smattering of fuchisa, gold, violet....

Granada:  Rich and vibrant, this one is a play on reds from rose to fuchsia to true red to burgundy.  Really striking.  There is some cream picking through as well but not much.  


Beads are optional but they really look great here.  So your kit will include what is needed -- Mindy suggests about 940-970 6/0 Round seed beads or or 5/0 Triangles. 

So if you figure about 12 beads per gram in this bead size, that comes to roughly 80 grams.  We will include more than you need.  

I tend to like beads that mirror to some degree the colors in the yarn.  If you would prefer a strong contrast or have a definite idea about what you would like, let us know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

And we are adding an option to get either all your beads of one color or a mixture.  (I got that idea from the Project Pages, the mix that are used here.)

The Pattern

The pattern is not automatically part of this kit.  We like to offer a few options.

I know some knitters prefer to get the pattern directly from Mindy via her Ravelry web page. This will give you a copy in your Ravelry library. In this case, set the drop-down menu above to "No Pattern Needed." This will also ensure that you receive any updates automatically. 

If you would prefer a printed copy or a PDF via email, please select that option via the "Pattern" drop-down menu. The PDF file will be emailed right before your kit is shipped.


P.S. Mindy comments that she'd never actually taken the trip herself and when I told her I had (twice actually) she asked me to tell the story.  

Long story short, the first time was in 1966,  when being young and somewhat foolish and having just read Kerouac's book "On the Road" I simply had to experience it myself.  A friend and I hitch-hiked from St Louis to LA and then up to San Francisco --- it was the year before the Summer of Love.  

Fortunately, the trip was without any of the possible pitfalls of hitchhiking.  We were lucky and had a grand adventure.

The second time was with my husband when we drove to LA on a shoestring budget but managed to add a few short sidetrips -- we saw the Painted Desert and the Grand Canyon.  Which truly needs to be seen by all lovers of color (which is us, don't you think?)....