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by Melanie Bowie
Date Added: Thursday 29 November, 2018
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I bought a slew of these years ago from my local grocery store. Threw them in the back of the car with my cloth grocery bags but didn't use them much until lately. Have gotten praise from ALL the grocery store checkers....I put all my produce in the bags, when I get to checkout I make sure one of the numbered stickers is open for them to see, I take the produce home and store it properly and put the bags in the laundry, hang them on a hanger to dry. WAY EASY! Saves our world, save the grocery store money so they can give you better deals - everyone WINS!

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Another neat gift idea that is very Earth-friendly from the folks at Flip & Tumble. 

Not fiber related but this is something that could be appreciated by anyone, in all walks of life, who lives on this planet and shops on occasion.   :-)


This is a set of 5 bags polyester mesh machine washable durable mesh fabric fun color tags 12” x 14” drawstring closure

You know those one-use plastic bags at the grocery store for putting your squash and eggplant in?  


This set of 5 reusable produce bags has everything you need to rein in those awesome artichokes, tangy tangerines, perfect peaches, and more. You'll find a ton of uses for them outside the market as well. 

size: each bag 12" x 14". 

material: 100% polyester.

care: machine washable.

bag weight:  .4 ounces


I am definitely keeping a set for myself.