Glebe Scarf/ Pattern by Aisling

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A very special beaded scarf, created for Earth Faire by Aisling, a designer of most lovely lace work shawls and scarves. This scarf, which she has named Glebe is a first foray into beaded work and we think it is simply lovely.

The scarf requires lace weight yarn (held singly) -- between 140 and 250 yards, depending on the size you make it --- or twice that amount if you would like to double the yarn and make it somewhat more substantial. It is really up to you.

Aisling used size 9/0 beads but our test knitters both used size 8/0s and they worked beautifully. You can use one color of bead, or two (as Aisling did) or even use many, depending on your preference.

The finished size is very much your choice. One sample that Aisling made measured out as 5" x 49" and another 7" x 56", and one of our test knitters used the larger quantity of yarn and made a scarf that was 79" long. Basically the pattern gives you a "repeat" section so you can continue as long as you please.

You'll need 10 beads per repeat with 18 beads for the beginning and ending.

Aisling did 15 repeats on the one you see here -- the golden one is hers, and that took 168 beads.

The soft green beauty you see was knit by Peggy and was knit using silk/merino lace from Hedghog Fibres in the colorway called Sea Glass. The deeper one was knit in and Mountain Twilight (the Winter Lace yarn from Mountain Colors) by Joan. Interestingly, she knit hers to 60" and it blocked out to 79", so that is something else to bear in mind -- and used closer to 250 yards in total.

This web page offers the pattern, hard copies only, 12 pages printed out on heavy weight paper and slid into a sheet protector.


The finished scarf is skinny and long and light -- and to quote Joan: "The beads add a nice weight and 'click' and bling factor. It has a wonderful 'feel' with the silk content. And the colors are glorious. It will make a wonderful gift and I have someone in mind right now."


And both of our test knitters found this fairly easy overall.

A lovely project -- great for a portable piece in the summertime, and as a start on all the gift creatings that you might be planning.

Quite lovely indeed.