Glow-in-the-Dark: S/L Crystal / Glow Green: 8/0

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As seen in light
As seen in light
As seen in dark
As seen in dark

Again, some intriguing glow-in-the-dark 8/0s from Toho, and needless to say, they add a great additional dimension to knitting projects. 


These are rather tought to take photos of, so bear with us. 

This one is a silver lined (S/L) crystal which gives you a lovely silver look in bright light and a glowing green in the dark.  And then in between, when caught in shadows the bead is also in-between, with a fainter glow of green. 

We packaged these in containers holding roughly 20 grams/ there are between 40 and 60 beads per gram so plan around those numbers.