Goblin Hood Addition: Polymer Clay For Beads (+ Tutorial)

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This is a great addition for Abbey's Goblin Hood. This web page offers polymer clay sets to make the great beads that Abbey created for this piece.

As she wrote me: The beads are a good introduction to polymer clay. I had never used it before but, alas, could not find “just the right beads” when I was looking.

So she created her own!

We brought in three color sets. The one you see in the photo (second on this page) to the far left is neutrals, with cream, beige, coffee and deep chocolate.

The middle one is basically cool tones -- with green, turquoise, blue and purple.

And the third is a semi-metallic set -- this one has a cream, silver, honey and sienna.

Each set of clay will come with Abbey's tutorial on how to make the beads (this is as a free gift from Abbey). This will be emailed to you, unless you tell me you'd really prefer a printed copy.

Fun fun fun fun!