Golden Birch Necklace Kit/ Version III

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We are delighted to have these kits back in stock!

There are a few minor changes from the original but the overall look will be the same.


This is a necklace that looks like it has come from another world -- the leaf has flown here from far off in elven lands perhaps.

Magical. And vibrant.

The necklace has enough thread and beads to make two 16" ropes for each side of the focal piece, for a total length of well over 32" (once you add in the clasp and leaf) though personally I prefer it at a shorter length.

It is even possible that you might be able to make a shorter necklace and have enough thread and beads left over for a simple bracelet -- I can't say for sure but I wouldn't be surprised. I made the one pictured here only 13" on each side x 2 = 26" total plus a few more inches added by the leaf and clasp additional. Alternatively, you could make the necklace longer and wear it wound double around your neck -- it is truly up to you.

This is your creation.

The thread we originally used for this necklace is a 20m spool of golden metallic thread from Kreinik. 

If, however, you would prefer silk thread (and I know that many do), just let me know and I will substitute in your kit for you.  

The beads include two varying fire polish crystals in 4mm size.  Plus some 6mm fire polish crystals selected to go with the whole and 3x10mm daggers to add a wonderful effect..  

Then surrounding these beads are a mix of golden 8/0 beads --the contrast is striking and the golden beads give a great swirling effect down the rope of the necklace.

The leaf itself is a gold-plated birch leaf -- the delicacy is lovely.

The connection to the rope part of the necklace is a "fern leaf" piece as you see in the photo of the finished necklace.

And the clasp that you see in the photo is a gold plated magnet,  though other clasps will also look great with this.  I will choose for you unless you have a preference.

The kit contains everything you need to knit this beauty except for the knitting needles -- I used size 0 US (2mm).

All in all, I am delighted with the look -- I found it a joy to make --- quite simple really --- and wonderful to wear.