Golden Blossoms Wrap/ Pattern by Jane Thornley

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A lovely lovely new wrap design by Jane Thornley.

Named after a beautiful tree (the laburnum tree, sometimes also referred to as the 'Golden chain' tree) this is a simple wrap, designed to be "a light, breezy knit with not a lot of brain cells necessary to complete (in case you need to give them a rest)" (that's Jane speaking, the amazing designer).

I'll let her tell you about it:

"A favorite flowering tree inspired this multi-directional wrap but, in truth, I knit it as an ode to all blooming things. Something about the garden-infused colors evoked the sunshine in all the things I love about summer.

"Knit on size 9mm/US 13 needles in a stash-busting mix of everything, from cotton to silk, here's the perfect project to knit on a summer afternoon while nested in your own secret garden. It knits up quickly and looks great.

"The triangle back grows easily with increased stitches at the beginning of every row while the two sides are knit separately length-wise creating an interesting dynamic. Another option shown in the Garden View version is to knit the two front sides as part of the back this avoiding any pesky sewing. Add a pointy end to one end and you've grown yourself an interesting and surprisingly easy alternative to a sweater when all you need is a little shoulder shelter.

"An added feature is a few rows of openwork through which thick ribbons are woven for a little extra eye appeal. ‘Strippon’ additions of silk ribbons streaming from the edges enhance the effect."

Choose between a hard copy (printed and mailed) or a PDF via the drop-down menu above. 

This is a beauty. I can't wait to start raiding my stash.

Jane tells you what yarns she used in her versions and what to look for as good substitutions. As always your hand is held as much or as little as needed.

We have lots of photos for you to peruse below, with detail work shown easily. The Garden View version are on the bottom row, left photo and center one.


Skill level: Advanced beginner

Oh! And before I forget -- notice the great dangle Jane did for this -- it is the last picture on this page. We have gotten in some truly unique "shells" in our bead section called Various and Sundry. Take a look -- could be a great embellishment for this!

A great project for the summer -- or anytime.