GoldenLeaf: Beaded Kits in 100% Silk

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Ocean Ruby (in Aine; you get 2 skeins per kit)
Ocean Ruby (in Aine; you get 2 skeins per kit)
Sunset (in Mora; there will be three skeins per kit)
Sunset (in Mora; there will be three skeins per kit)
Nim's original shawl.
Nim's original shawl.

Nim Teasdale has done it again with GoldenLeaf!

The Design

I will let her tell you about the design: 

Goldenleaf is a flowing semi-circular shawl with an expanding leaf pattern, and just enough texture to add depth.

The pattern includes 5 possible ending points, and the edging can either be blocked into dripping leaf points, or left to form a fluttery leafy ruffle, as pictured. (The size of the shawl can be increased in width as well by adding extra wedges.)

This design was inspired by the beauty of the ginkgo tree. Interestingly, these unusual trees are living fossils, being recognisably related to fossils from 270 million years ago. They are a reminder of the resilience of life on our beautiful planet, and our responsibility to care for it during our brief time here.

The Yarn and Colorways

Nim says that the design suits lace to fingering yarn, in solid, semi-solid, gradient or subtle speckle varieties and needs approximately 500m for the smallest size, up to approx 1000m, or more if adding extra wedges.

We have two different "brands" of 100% silk yarn that we really love for this design.  

From Malabrigo, we have Mora, a fingering weight lace with 225 yards/ 50g.  If you choose a colorway in Mora, three skeins will be in your kit. 

From Juniper Moon Farm comes Aine, a pure mulberry silk that is a bit lighter in weight:  there are 327 yards (300m)/ 50g. If you choose a colorway in Aine, two skeins will make up your kit. 

(The cost will, of course, be different depending on which yarn you choose.  The details of that can be seen in the drop-down menu.  The price you see below the top photo is for the kits in Aine -- the Mora kits with the extra skein will be a bit more.)


Pacific Sky (Aine) is a lovely delicate blue, the color of the sky in winter. (Sold out, sorry)

Ocean Ruby (Aine) is a rich true red, perfect for Christmas and poinsettas and amaryllis.

Sunset (Mora) is golden color, the color of sunflowers in a summer field. 

English Rose is a not-quite-solid, a tonal blend of varying rose hues, with pinks and fuschias and roses.  (Sold out, sorry)


I queried Nim about beads for this beauty. 

She wrote back: "No beads specifically written into this one, but you could easily add them onto the k1 in the middle of the yo, k1, yo, or else onto the double decreases (after working the decrease)."

So we decided to add some 8/0 beads to each of these kits.  You will receive about 25g or roughly 1000 beads, to place where it pleases you.  

If you have a preference on the bead color, do let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

This pattern is not automatically part of this kit. 

Note that the pattern is written so you can work it entirely from the written pattern, or from charts with some notes.

You can get the pattern directly from Nim on her Ravelry page.  This will save it in your Ravelry library and ensure you get any updates as soon as released.  

Or if you prefer I can email it to you once the kit is packaged up.  There is that option via the drop-down menu above. 

We could even print out a hard copy for you. 

Just select via the "Pattern" drop-down menu the form that suits you best.  (If you are going to get it directly from Nim on Ravelry, set the drop-down menu here to "No Pattern Needed.")