Gomitolo Felice + Pattern Suggestions

Swatch of Carnival
Swatch of Carnival
Primaries Swatch
Primaries Swatch
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Only one left in stock, in the Primaries colorway!


This is an absolutely lovely new yarn from Lana Grossa and perfect for these warmer months.  And for anyone who prefers knitting with non-animal fiber yarns. 

Gomitolo Felice is 70% Cotton, 30% Viscose and a 150 gram cake (yes, it is already wound) will give you 480 yards (classified as DK weight).

The base yarn is a chain of cotton that has a woven viscose chain down the center. The yarn is then dyed multi colored on the outside and transitions into shades playing with different lengths of color changes, then returns to multi colored in the center.

We brought in three gorgeous colorways (two are left in stock and described below), each bright and happy in its own way.  You will see that the photos of the yarns are followed by a picture of a swatch knit in that colorway -- notice how the dyeing gives you intriguing strips and sections of color, changing in a most beautifuly way. 

1.  Carnival is a melody of cool tones, with a lot of teal and turquoise as well as lime and fuchsia and lilac, along with smaller spans colors in between. (Sorry, sold out)

2. Primaries is bright and glowing, with colors including gold and orange, purple and rose, with rather short spans of green. 

3.  Strawberry Orchard is more tonal, a blend of colors all in the overall red family.  I see strawberry and raspberry, cranberry and persimmon, with some short spans of grey and rust.  (Sorry, sold out.)


Suggested Designs

There is a lovely set of designs by Nim Teasdale that she calls Knitting by the seat of your pants 1 collection.  These are "mostly garter projects in a variety of shapes, focusing on simple yet interesting 4 row construction, which is easily memorised so you don’t need to carry the pattern around with you all the time."

She developed these on a months-long camping trip with her family through Europe. So you know that these are all very travel-able patterns.  

And as I was looking for patterns to suggest for this yarn, these struck me as just about perfect.  You might need two cakes for some; you could even start each from different ends of the color range, or go with two colorways.  Or mix one cake with a solid yarn from your stash perhaps.  

Nim notes that gauge is not critical with these projects and she notes that the overall sizing is adaptable to any yardage of lace to DK weight yarn.  All that one need do is adapt the needles according to your personal preferred density of fabric.. 

The Patterns

If you would like to get the pattern(s) from Nim via her Ravelry pages, you can find these designs here. 

If you would prefer purchasing the pattern(s) from us, we can work it out with you.  Just contact me about what you are interested in, and we will set you up with either a PDF or a printed version. 


Of course, there are lots and lots of patterns that would work beautifully with these yarn and Nim's are only the tip of the iceberg! 

Let me know if you would like a few other suggestions and I'll see what I can come up with. 


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