Gothic Leaf Stole/ Pattern with Special Bead Instructions

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You can now choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice.  


Here is a lovely yet simple design, by Sivia Harding, for a lovely stole.

The Gothic Leaf Stole as shown here is designed for fingering or sport weight yarn and takes 1000 yards of yarn as designed. It could be adapted for different weights of yarn by adding or subtracting repeats of the pattern across and down the fabric of the stole.

We have the wonderful pleasure to be able to offer additional pages for this design, about adding beads to either the stole or the scarf version of this beauty. It is a glorious addition to this piece and very very lovely.

For the scarf version of this beauty, figure on 375 yards of fingering weight or sport weight yarn, and (!!!) about 240 beads. Sivia recommends size 6/0 beads for fingering or sport weight yarn. If you would like a very ethereal gossamer effect, you can choose laceweight yarn and size 8/0 beads.

You will also need one of the very very thin crochet hooks for adding the beads [see our Needles and Hooks page -- the Inox crochet hook, size 0.6mm, would be perfect as would Clover's Soft Touch size 14 or Chaio Goo's size 14 or 16)].

If you would like to make the stole with beads takes 1000 yards of yarn as noted above and about 864 beads.


We recommend going with either a solid color or a handpaint where all the colors are close in value so they won't fight with the lace pattern or the beads for attention. A safe way to go would be semi-solid or subtle painted yarns -- handpaints where the colors are in the same general color family.



A joy to make and a pleasure to wear.