Gradient Yarn from Schoppel: A Pair for Veer Left

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This one and the remaining photos show Nim's original piece -- and her lovely children as well.  :-)
This one and the remaining photos show Nim's original piece -- and her lovely children as well. :-)

Nim Teasdale has created a wonderful new series of patterns: fun, simple, and oh-so-lovely.

This one,  Veer Left, was originally knit with Schoppel's Gradient Yarn --- and we just happen to have a few skeins of that in stock and ready for you to knit into something glorious!

The Design

Here is how Nim describes this new Veer Left

Veer Left is a striped elongated half hexagon shape in drapey, stretchy garter. It is designed to be knit on the go, with a short, easy to memorise sequence of rows which is repeated, gradually increasing the width of the shawl until a percentage of the yarn is used, at which point the knitting veers off to the left and decreases down to the far side.

Ideal for long colour run yarns, handspun, variegateds or striping yarns, try striping a variegated against a solid, or try two complementary solids for bolder stripes..

This is one of a her new collection of mostly garter projects in a variety of shapes, focussing on simple yet interesting four-row construction.  The idea behind this is that each is easily memorised so you don’t need to carry the pattern around with you all the time.

The Yarn

The pattern is written so that it can be knit in just about any yardage of yarn from lace to worsted weight yarn.  All that is needed is to adapt one's needles to get a pleasing density of fabric.  

Again I quote Nim: The sideways construction of this design makes the sizing very adaptable. Start at one corner and knit until you reach the turning point of your yarn.

Gradient  is 100% Virgin Merino Wool and has 284 yards per 100 gram ball.  Nim used roughly1 1/2 for hers so we are offering them here in pairs(i.e. this webpage gives you two balls in the colorway you select)

Here is how Schoppel describes this yarn: If you love Zauberball, get ready to do backflips for Gradient! It comes in the same charming ball and has the same slow color repeats, but it knits to a much larger gauge. It is a slightly felted wool single that will resist pilling.

The Colorways

We have very low stock in these -- indeed we have only one pair per colorway.  We brought these in to try out.  If you really fall in love with one and we are "out", contact me and we can discuss getting more for you. 

A.  Gradient  1878: Greens:  This colorway is a play on greens.  It is the exact one which Nim used in her original piece. (Sorry, out of stock)

B.  Gradient 1873: Reds and Oranges:  Here we have a vibrant pairing of reds and oranges, ranging from deep to bright.   (Sorry, out of stock)

C. Gradient 2135:  Autumn:  This is a wonderful Fall blend of hues ranging from lovely Autumnal pumpkins into browns. 

The Pattern

The kit will not automatically include the pattern for Veer Left.

You can get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Nim via her Veer Left Ravelry page or even get her e-book, Knitting By The Seat Of Your Pants and play with all the new patterns.  In this case, set our drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed" as you will get the pattern(s) on Ravelry. 

This will also ensure that you will get any and all updates as they are released. 

Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you via email (just be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you and generally do so right before I ship your kit).



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