Grapevine Bag/ Pattern/ Celtic Knits

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We don't often feature patterns that deal with worsted weight yarns, but the Celtic Botanical Knits by Barb Pott just really sing to me.

This page features a hard copy of her pattern for a lovely celtic-styled bag complete with marvelous grape leaves, tendrils and grapes!

Barb writes that is requires only intermediate level knitting skills.

Barb writes: " This is one pattern in a series of Celtic botanical knits I’ve designed. Each pattern has a botanical theme with a Celtic flavor to it including, usually, the ancient Irish Ogam letter that represents the plant on the pattern. The ancient continental Celts nurtured grape vines and decorated Bronze Age drinking vessels with grape leaves and fruits. With this pattern, you can decorate a bag with grape leaves and fruits! Today, wild grapes grow up to 115 feet in open woodlands and their grapes produce a succulent juice that always makes me pour a second glass. Yum!"

Sounds most wonderfully delicious to me.

The pattern has a full text option in case you don't like charts. She recommends lining it so that it keeps its shape, btw.

All that is needed is about 450 yards of worsted weight yarn for the body of the bag. And for the embellishments is one skein of light and one of dark green for the leaves and tendrills and a purple for the grapes --that is if you wish to follow her lead. No reason why your leaves and tendrils and grapes have to mirror reality after all. :-)

Take a look at our worsted weight yarn section --we have some that will work perfectly here -- and more are on their way for later this week.

This one looks like great fun and wonderful to use.