Halo/Pattern for Kimono/ JoJoLand Yarns

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This is just catch-your-breath gorgeous!

This is a pattern from JoJoLand, using their amazing yarns and a most intriguing knitting technique.

This kimono is constructed using four types of shapes. Shape A is kind of an octagon. Shape B is a diamond. Shapes C and D are different triangles. The main body is made with Shape A while Shape B is used to fill the gap between the octagons. the triangles are used to fill other gaps -- but basically this whole beauty is done in modular knitting -- connected as you knit, and with no sewing at the end.

Whoosh! Blows me away!

Two basic JoJoLand yarns are used here -- the variegated Rhythm with its loooong color repeats. With it is used a solid color Baritone.

There are some amazing color combinations that Jojo has put together (some examples shown below) or you might want to create your own. Two strands of Ballad can be held together to substitute for the one of Baritone if you would like to go with the superwash Rhythm and keep the entire garment superwash.

What we offer here is the pattern, a hard copy.