Handbag Light/ SOI

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As seen in the latest Vogue Knitting!   

I always wanted to be able to say something like that. :-)

Seriously, this was listed in the Winter issue of Vogue Knitting as a neat new tool for knitters.  This is a great little light which turns on when it senses your hand is near it.  

I am going to quote part of the product web page: 

SOI puts an end to blindly rummaging through your purse or backpack to find keys, wallet, or a pen. This clever little 1.5 ounce light turns on when it senses your hand. Battery operated and easy to transfer from bag to bag, SOI is the world’s first automatic bag light.

Apparently it is made with special proximity sensors which can tell when your hand is close. It will light up in response for approximately 8 seconds, then it automatically switches off, saving battery life. The batteries are simply two AAAs, which it comes with, and they should last about 6000 cycles of turning on and then turning off.

Again I quote:  "Put an end to endless digging through your purse."  Yay!  I like that.

I think that this is a really neat little light.  I got one for my son for his birthday so he could throw it into the bottom of his knapsack and still find his keys.  

I think it will be great to use for our knitting bags as well.  Plus it comes in a very neat little box (note the first photo on this page) so it would be great as a gift too.  

Small, compact and works great!  What more could a knitter want?