Harmonia's Rings Sleeved Sweater/ Pattern by Sivia/ Beads Too!

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The third in the series from Sivia that plays with the concept she pioneered in her original Harmonia's Rings. First came the cowl, then came the tunic, and now here is the long-sleeve version.

This Harmonia's Rings Sweater features your choice of three-quarter length, full-length or full-length bell-sleeves. The pullover itself is high-hip length.

The photos you see here are all of the original piece Sivia did, as photographed by Vivian Aubrey.

Requiring worsted weight yarn, it also has a wonderful beaded neck bind off which uses the larger 2/0 or 3/0 beads. Only a few grams are needed for a most intriguing look.

We just got in some 3/0 beads from Toho, especially so we can offer them here along with the pattern. We currently have:

(a) Silver Lined Crystal

(b) Metallic Cosmos (deep rich blue -- the glowing night sky)

(c) Metallic Iris Green-Brown (dark green with forest highlights -- quite wonderful)

If you are hunting for another color bead, please email and we can talk about it. Also elsewhere on the website you might find some Roll beads -- use our Search engine to see. Those are also an option, though significantly larger in size.

If you would like to get about 5 grams of any of these (there are about 7 beads per gram and all you need for the beaded neck bind off is from 22 to 24 beads, depending on the size you are making), choose that option from the drop-down menu under the first photo to the right.

Sivia writes very clear patterns -- this will be quite fun to make, I have no reservations.


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