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Sea Green
Sea Green
This photo, as well as each of the ones following, is of Marnie's original piece.
This photo, as well as each of the ones following, is of Marnie's original piece.


This one is so beautiful. 

The Design

By Marnie MacLean, Helios is a striking shawl, with a bead option.  Here is how she describes it: 

The shawl’s construction is based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Pi Shawl concept, wherein the number of stitches approximately doubles at a point that is twice as far as the last doubling of stitches. The shawl begins at the top-center point and is knit out to the border.

The Yarn and Colorways

I know, I know, I should have had a yellow yarn to offer here.  But honestly, very few knitters I know can wear yellow and though it looks awesome and shows stitch work beautifully it does not seem to find a new home the same way cool colors do.  

So we are offering kits in very different colors and indeed in different yarn than Marnie's original.  We show what we have in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos are being used with Marnie's permission and are here to show you the design. 

Marnie's original piece used about 700 yards (640 m) of a lace weight yarn for a finished size of roughly 58" / 147 cm wingspan, 30" / 76 cm depth after blocking.

The yarn we offer here is from Juniper Moon Farm, called Findley, a blend of 50% extrafine merino wool and 50% mulberry silk.  There are 798 yards (730m) to each 100 gram ball.  So one ball of yarn is plenty for the shawl as shown here.  

We have a few lovely colorways you can choose from.  All of these will show also the stitch work beautifully -- though they are more for creating pieces that are reminiscent of flowers rather than the sun.

1.  Speedwell is brand new.  It is a lovely wisteria color, a blue-violet that sings of evening breezes and twilight.

2. Renaissance is a deep mulberry rose, a rich velvety wine.

3.  Sea Green is a wondrous green teal, a lighter tone that will remind you of summer all through the year.  

The Beads

With lace weight yarn we usually like to suggest size 8/0 beads. However, this design only uses 60 of the 6/0 beads and this yarn can stand up to that beautifully.  

The beads are optional but will definitely be included in your kit. 

Beads that mirror the colors of the yarn are my first choice though others that stand out also look very fine indeed.  If you have a personal preference, do let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

Please note that the stitch pattern is offered in chart form, only.

The pattern must be gotten here on Marnie's Ravelry page. 

This will ensure that you get all updates and help that evolves with the design.