Henry Street Shawl/ Pattern/ by Nina Machlin Dayton

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You can now choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice.  


Oh my.

This design is so beautiful -- every time I glance over at it, I want to grab my needles.

By a marvelous new (to us) designer, Nina Machlin Dayton has created a stunning shawl, enhanced with beads, that is a pleasure to knit and a joy to wear.

Let me quote her telling about this Henry Street Shawl:

Sparkling with beads and delicate lace, this crescent shaped shawl has two sizes - a smaller shawlette to wear as a shoulder warmer or scarf, and a larger shawl to stave off evening chill.

The smaller size needs only 440 yards of fingering weight yarn, the larger 1000 yards -- what you are going for is either a shawlette at 16" deep x 46" wingspan or a true shawl with 24" deep x 80" wingspan.

And size 6/0 beads, to blend or to contrast -- depending on the size you are going for, either 340 of them or 910. That is roughly 26 grams or 76 grams to do a quick translation.

I really really like it.

The original used size 5 (US) circular needles, go for at least 24" cable. And you'll also need one of the very thin crochet hooks to add the beads.

What we offer here is a hard copy of the pattern, all eight pages printed out on heavy weight paper.




This will be amazing.