Her Majesty Fichu: Kits

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Her Majesty Fichu is a lovely design by Anna Victoria.  Here is what she writes:

Profusion of beads and flowing lace in ‘diamond’ shapes, sweeping crescent shape, or should I call it ‘tiara’ shape? It’s gotta be Royal.

Crescent style shawl. No, you do not need to cast on hundreds of stitches to get this shape, it is worked top down, and is resizable!


Make sure to get your pattern from the designer's Ravelry page here.  What we offer for these kits is yarn and beads!


The shawl can be knit in fingering weight yarn, anywhere from 437 - 1094 yards (400 - 1000 m). The testers used between 400m and 700m. 


Our yarn is not the same as what Anna used for her original. 

This gradiently dyed yarn is from Katia, the Inifinity Shawl, 100% virgin wool with 656 yards (600m)/ 150g.  

The colorway wasn't given a name; it is simply #311 "Teal-Violet", and ranging from a soft teal into cream into a somewhat greyed violet.   


Anna writes that one should have 1,186 beads for the version with 6 lace chart repeats.

Testers achieved various sizes measured down the ‘spine’ of the shawl towards the scallop, depending on the yarn , gauge and blocking.

For this weight yarn, I'd go with size 6/0 beads so we are talking about roughly 3 x 35g containers of size 6/0s. 

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. I generally like beads that pick up some aspect of the yarn color.


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