Herbarium: Original Yarn and Colorway + Bead Option

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By Ute Nawratil, this Herbarium Shawl is a lovely piece that will brighten your days for sure for sure!


You must get the pattern directly from her Ravelry page.  We offer here the yarn only and have not added the cost of the pattern to the kit price.


The Design

Ute writes: 

‘Herbarium’ is an asymmetrical, reversible triangular shawl with a slightly curved upper edge.

Knitting starts at the left tip.

The pattern consists of simple lace diamonds with increases and decreases on both sides (no purling on the wrong side).

There are some garter stitch rows in between, for relaxation.

The Yarn and Colorway

What we have here is the exact yarn as what Ute used in her original.

This is from Schoppel.  Laceball 100 is a 100% Virgin Wool yarn, with 800m to each 100g ball (that translates to about 875 yards).  

This colorway is called Teezeremonie, which translates to English as Tea Ceremony.

I see it as a wonderful colorway for summer, with varying greens and rich fuchsia and magenta.  Quite lovely indeed. 

One ball of this yarn makes up the kit. 


No, Ute did not put beads into this pattern. But if you would like to, we have set up an option with the "kit" drop-down menu.

You will have to decide where to put them -- perhaps the edges?  maybe on some of the yarn-overs?

The 20g of size 8/0 beads will give you roughly 800 beads to play with.

If you have an idea of what color you would like, tell me via the "Comments" section as you check out.  Otherwise I will choose for you.


Reminder: Get your pattern directly from Ute's Ravelry page.