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Blue Parrot and Aurora
Blue Parrot and Aurora
Teri's original infinity scarf, © Teri B. - The Knitting Raven.
Teri's original infinity scarf, © Teri B. - The Knitting Raven.

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This is tremendous fun!

A reversible infinity scarf that is oh-so-intriguing to knit and wonderful to wear --- this is perfect for cold weather snuggling...


Please be sure to get your pattern directly from the designer, Teri B, on her Ravlery page here.  This webpage covers yarn for this beautiful piece. 


The Design

Here is what Teri writes:

Hexeh is an infinity scarf/oversized cowl knitted in the round using slipped stitches, elongated stitches and brioche techniques mixed with regular purl stitches to create a reversible hexagons pattern.

The pattern is made fully reversible by carrying the yarn up differently between the rounds. The yarn is not cut at any point of the pattern. You’ll only have 4 ends to weave in.

The name Hexeh was created by taking the prefix hex- (meaning six), ‘mirroring’ it and making it into a palindrome (a word which read the same forwards and backwards) to reflect the reversibility of this infinity scarf.

Yarns and Colorways

We did not put together kits using the same yarn as what Teri used in her original.  You can see our kits in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. 

What we have is two truly delicious yarns, sure to make this a piece that feels absolutely marvelous against your skin.

The main color yarn is Juniper Moon Farm's Stargazer, a luxury blend of the finest baby llama and silk (70% llama/ 30% silk).  There are 218 yards (200m)/ 100g. This colorway is Aurora, a delightful medium gray that reminds me of Siamese Cat coats. 

The contrast color yarn is from The Fibre Company and is their discontinued Canopy Worsted.  This yarn is 50% baby alpaca/ 30% merino/ 20% viscose bamboo and has 200 yards per 100g skein.  This colorway is Blue Parrot, an almost-solid of rich deep teal.  


Two skeins of each will make up each kit. 


Yum!  I wish I could pass the hand of these yarns over the internet -- trust me, they both feel awesome.