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Patriotic Vein
Patriotic Vein
Spring is Sprung
Spring is Sprung
These photos show Susanna's original shawls.  This is size Small.
These photos show Susanna's original shawls. This is size Small.
Size Medium
Size Medium
Size Large
Size Large

Susanna IC created Hiraeth originally as a Mystery Knit Along (MKAL).  Now the mystery is over and you can see the lovely shawl in all its glory, with a choice of how many beads to add, some simple lace work, and an option of sizes. 

Make sure to note the options written in this color below before you make your choices for this beauty. 

The base price you see here is for one ball of yarn, enough for the Small size, un-beaded.  You might decide you prefer to knit the Medium or the Large size; you might choose to add beads to the edges, to a bit more of the shawl, or all-over.  All those options are discussed below.


Please get your pattern directly from Susanna on her Ravelry page here What we offer is yarn plus beads for knitting this.


The Design

Here is what Susanna writes:

This brand new year brings an anniversary - it has been an unbelievable ten years since I’ve developed the short row method of shaping shawls. In celebration of the first publication of my crescents,

I am thrilled to share with you Hiraeth (hiraeth is a Welsh concept of longing for home) - a new design that goes back to the beginning and combines all of the things I love about shawl knitting: lace, beads, and cables.
It’s like coming home…

The pattern is charted and includes full row-by-row instructions as well.

The short rows are worked with simple decreases, without the need for any fiddly wraps.

The lace pattern uses basic lace stitches combined with just a few cables and bits of interesting texture, all worked on the right side only, while the wrong side rows are simply purled.

There are beads added throughout the lace and three different beading options are charted, but the project will work just as well without any beads.

All sizes of the shawl can be worked in lace or fingering, as well as sport, DK, and worsted weight yarns, (heavier yarns may require extra yardage and larger needles). Solid, tonal, and gradient yarns will work with this project beautifully.

The Yarn and Colorways

We are not offering the same yarn that Susanna used for her original pieces.  You can see our yarns in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.

Taking her idea of gradient yarns working beautifully, we put together kits that use Knitting Fever's Painted Desert.  This is a 100% superwash wool, plied, with 437 yards/ 100g. And best of all, the colorway is dyed with long color runs so that there are long stretches of color that change very gradually into the next.  

We brought in two possibilities: 

1.  #29 Patriotic Vein is a rich blend o fdeep wine into violet.  A subtle, almost-tonal look that will look quite dramatic indeed.

2.  #14 Spring Is Sprung has more color changes to it:  I see green and purple, rose and red, olive, and some tones in between.

There are three sizes included in this pattern. 

The Large needs between 1375 and 1425 yards in total and has finished measurements of about 35" at the center depth  x 71"  wingspan (89 cm x 180.5 cm). It would need 3 skeins of this yarn. 

The Medium requires between 600 - 650 yards and measures 25" x 47" (63.5 cm x 119.5 cm).  That would mean two skeins. 

The Small uses about 390 - 440 yards and finishes up about 15.5" x 39" (39.5 cm x 99 cm). One skein would be plenty. 


What we offer here is kits in units of one skein each.  Get two if you want to make the Medium; get three if you prefer the Large. 


The Beads

There are many options for these beads from none to lots. 

For the Small (one skein) size, if you wish to bead just the edges, you will need 104 beads; for a few more you require 260 beads and for lots of beads you will need 627 beads.  The Medium and the Large require roughly 2x or 3x that amount (with some extras).

Thus we will again set up the beading options for a one-skein Small size.  The math will work for this as you will get 2x for the medium; get 3x for the large, depending on how many kits you decide to go for. 

Just make sure to choose Yarn Plus Edge Beads, Yarn Plus Few Beads, or Yarn Plus Lots of Beads (or Yarn Only without beads) via the drop-down menu. 

The beads will be size 6/0 beads, either Miyuki or Toho.  If you have a preference on bead color or if you like your beads to blend or to stand out (any of those aesthetic choices) let me know; otherwise I will chose for you.