Humbelli: Kits in Original Colors and Yarns

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For me, this was love at first sight!

Humbelli by Skeinwalker Knits hits all my buttons!  And then to be able to get in the exact yarn in the exact colorways that Aline used -- well, call it serendipity!


Get the pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here or via her website here.  This page offers the gorgeous yarns only. 


The Design

Here is what Aline writes:

Across the pond, tall and slender stems sway and dance in the gentle breeze. All is quiet. We rest in the warmth of the day, cradled by the murmur of water. The subtly fragrant purple flowers are a delight to the eye.

This is the epitome of summer, lingering in our minds until the first frost.

The Humbelli cowl, inspired by the flowers of the Verbena Bonariensis, is freely named after the shape of its inflorescence: The umbel. Humbelli combines knitted lace and brioche patterns complementing each other. The two-color playful waves, colorful stems and umbels create a gentle rhythm. Come sway with us and get addicted to lace and brioche!

Yarn and Colorways

We brought in the exact yarns and colorways that Aline used in her original. 

The yarn is from Manos del Uruguay and is called Feliz: 

The yarn is made up of 70% superwash merino + 30% modal and each skein gives about 350 yards/ 100g.  It has a wonderfully gentle shine to it and feels marvelously squishy (I cannot think of a better word for it). 

Your kit will consist of two skeins of yarn, both almost-solids (with very subtle variations of tone), one in the colorway called Fjord (a deep blue teal) and one in the colorway called Lagoon (a lighter green teal). 


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