Hunters Hat


I just finished one of those simple knits that we do so often for people we really love.

We live in a rather unusual part of NJ -- would you believe woods and streams and wild animals even?  And every autumn, the hunters come; some with bow-and-arrow looking for small game, some loaded with shotguns and hunting for deer and bear.

Now my youngest son is not a hunter but he is a runner and though he rarely runs in the woods, he definitely runs near them.  So as we approach that time of year, our thoughts turned to basic safety in the forested areas.  And warmth as well.

So I made him this bright orange hat, to keep his ears warm and let the hunters know he is human.  Knit from one skein of Mochi Plus in their Sunset colorway.  And though it is not a color he would otherwise pick out, he loves it!  Which warms my heart....

(BTW, if you would like a skein to knit a similar hat for your loved one, just let me know and I'll set you up -- we have quite a few more in stock.).