Hydrangea Stole/ Pattern from Sunflower Designs

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A most beautiful new design from Sudlower Design's Susan Pandorf, this beaded confection is absolutely take-yur-breath-away lovely.

Here is what Susan writes:

"This shawl is an ethereal confection; light and lacy; the perfect wrap for a summer wedding. It would also make a lovely christening shawl for a very special baby.

"Or you may choose another color and wrap yourself or a loved one in all the beauty of a handmade and heartfelt work of art."

The design as seen here uses 900 yards of lace weight yarn and 5500 size 8/0 beads.

The beads are added via the crochet-hook method (adding them as you go along) so figure on, besides size 4 US needles (most likely) to give a gauge of 5 stitches to the inch in the ladder stitch (blocked), you will also need a size 14 or 16 crochet hook (that's one of those amazingly thin ones -- we are carrying them in our "Hooks and Needles" web section if you have yet to get one).

A note on the beads -- the ones used here were chosen to match the yarn. They can also be a contrasting color for quite a different and striking look. For 5500 size 8/0 beads, you should figure on at least four of our regular containers -- size 8/0 beads, generally speaking, give about 40 beads per gram and each of our usual containers holds about 35 grams.

If you would like help picking out beads to match your yarn, don't hesitate to email. We love playing with colors.

This shawl had originally been designed for Susan's eldest son's bride. You can tell that each stitch is designed with love.