Hypnosis Mittens/ Amitola kits

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Svetlana's original mittens, this photo and the following ones.
Svetlana's original mittens, this photo and the following ones.

From the genius needles of Svetlana Gordon, here is yarn to make her amazing Hypnosis Mittens.

Get the pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here


She writes, "Those mittens seem to be difficult to knit, but be brave – it is 
not that hard at all, but this job will require you to be attentive.". 

Made in quite an unusual manner, these are sure to keep your interest. 

What is needed is fingering weight yarn with long color runs and one of the ones she suggests on the pattern is Louisa Harding's Amitola.  This is a 80% wool/ 20% silk yarn with 273 yards/ 50g.  

Two balls will make up each kit. 

You can choose between these colorways: 

1.  Morgan is a run from sand into green into blue. 

2.  Pumpkin is a fun mix of browns into oranges, including some lovely shades in between (as an example, I see what I would describe as rosewood and apple and strawberry -- beautiful harvest tones).  


Remember!  The pattern must be gotten from Svetlana's Ravelry page here