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Lady Grey
Lady Grey
Susanna's original shawl
Susanna's original shawl

Susanna IC created her Icedawn as a song to winter.  And yes, I know, I know, I know (!) those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are currently in the (ahem!) opposite season.

But I just got some lovely linen/ silk yarn and I love the design -- how about an Ice Dawn version that sings of summer? :-)

Please make sure to get your pattern directly from Susanna's Ravelry page.  What we have here is the yarn and beads for this stunning piece. 

The Design

Susanna wrote: 

I’ve always loved landscapes covered in a luscious blanket of snow, all tranquil and silent, enjoying that certain crispness and purity of air that just does not exist at any other season. And then there are the colors… What at first always seems like a simple all-white palette, under a close observation crystalizes into a myriad of shades of subtly nuanced blues and teals.

Icedawn is my classic short row crescent shawl, worked from the top in one piece. It starts with a delicate lace along the top edge and then it’s shaped into an elegant crescent with easy stockinette stitch short rows. The deep dramatic lace border is worked last with the bind off creating the intricate openwork edge.

I designed the lace border as a reflection of the many different images of winter - glacier ice melting into the sea, fresh snow blown by winds into meandering lines, water droplets glittering at the ends of icicles… And since no image of winter is complete without icy sparkle, I added shimmery beads throughout the lace borders (approx. 675 6/0 4.00mm seed beads, optional).


…We come from the land of the ice and snow 
From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow…
Led Zeppelin


The Yarn and Colorways

Well, the yarn we have for this is not not not the same as what Susanna used in her original.  You can see what we have in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.

We brought in a lovely yarn from Sweet Georgia Yarns, their Flaxen Silk Fine, a yarn of 65% silk/ 35% linen, with 480 yards (439m)/ 4 oz (115g) skein. 

The yarn is lovely, with a coolness to the touch and a sheen to the look. 

We have two colorways: 

Lady Grey is an almost-solid of soft lavender.  I see the colors of wisteria in early spring with very slight and subtle variations of tone.

Magician is more tonal, with great variegations though all in the  blue-violet range.  There is some periwinkle and some lilac, some thistle and some amethyst.  The whole comes together with a lovely look that adds depth to the overall piece without being a distraction. 

Each kit will include one skein of the colorway of your choice. 

The Beads 

What is needed is about 675 size 6/0 beads. Each kit will have well more than that, about 60 grams 

If you have a preference on color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.  


This is a real beauty....