Icicles/ Shawl Pattern by Susanna IC

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This is another amazing design by Susanna IC that I recently happened upon. I think it is simply marvelous.

When I stumbled upon these lovely patterns (quite by accident) and contacted her to ask if we could carry them on Earth Faire, I discovered to my delight that many of our beads play a front-and-center role in her pieces!

We plan to put these up in kit form with both beads and yarn in one place, but while that is still in the planning stage, we want to put these up on the website and introduce you to this marvelous new (to us) designer.


Here is how Susanna describes Icicles:

"Inspired by the fragile beauty of slender icicles glistening in the cool winter sun, this ethereal shawl will wrap you in a delicate yet warm embrace. Icicles is worked on larger-than-recommended needles resulting in a gossamer fabric and a quick knit.

"The shawl is worked in one piece starting with the bottom edge of the lace pattern followed by a straightforward stockinette section. Simple progression of short rows shapes the shawl resulting in its unique crescent form. This project is easy enough even for the beginner lace knitter because the reverse rows are purled and the addition of beads is optional."

Susanna did the original with a yarn very similar to Shibui's Silk Cloud and Pura Bella's Pura Kid Mohair Silk. You will need about 450 yards of yarn. Any lace or fingering weight yarn will do, but these will give the soft delicate look you see in these photos. Plus you will need about 560 size 6/0 beads (though this is optional) to complete this amazing look, and one of the very thin crochet hooks to put them on with.

This is an absolutely lovely piece. The finished size is about 20" x 66" (50cm x 168cm) blocked.

Looks like stars floating in a cloud....