Iggy and Ivy/ Bib Pattern from Heidi

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Such a charming design!

We simply couldn't pass this one up. Heidi designed it (she is the genius behind the 18 Pearls Shawl, the 9 Pearls Scarf, and the Mermaid Scarf -- yum!) for little ones. It is such a smile-maker!

Here is what she writes:

"A pair of trouble makers determined to catch messes!

"Super cute bib set made with two skeins of Cascade Luna in reversed colors.

"Simple step by step directions for making the pieces and assembling them to make your own custom bib monsters. Adjust ears or eyes to add your own expression to this lovable pair. Eyes may be made from safety eyes or sewn on buttons (fastened very securely so that baby doesn’t pull them off).

"Size 7 needle works best if it’s circular, though double pointed needles would work as well. Size 6 needles should be double points for working i-cord ties."

Heidi made the original using two colors of Cascade Luna but any worsted weight cotton (or washable fiber of your choice) would work beautifully. She gives all sorts of wonderful tips for making your creation special.

Fun, quick, and really unique.


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