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Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo
Stormy Seas
Stormy Seas
Nim's original
Nim's original
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A most lovely design by Nim Teasdale, the name Igni was inspired by a striking colorway named Ignite. 

The Design (and here I quote Nim)

Igni is a striking shawl with a simple pattern of dotted rays expanding out through the yoke shifting to a textured stitch which transitions smoothly into rich lace. 

The semicircular stockinette yoke transitions to a crescent shaped textured hourglass stitch, then shifts to a voluptuous lace stitch created by Naomi Parkhurst, based on the word Warmth.

All 3 sections can be worked to any size...

Yardage requirements are flexible, requiring a min of approx 300m (330y) of fingering weight yarn. The shawl can be worked to any size and suits solid, semi solid, or gradient yarns. Gauge is not critical and needles will vary with yarn weight.

The design can be worked entirely from the written pattern, or from charts with some notes.

Yarn and Colorways

We do not present for this kit the same yarn as what Nim used.  You can see what we offer in the inset photo in the top picture and again below that.

This yarn is from the KFI Collection and is called Painted Lace Sand Art.  Each cake has 200 grams per 874 yards and is 100% cotton. 

We chose two very different colorways. 

Monte Carlo has the same general color feeling as Nim's original. It runs from a delicious watermelon into a delicate lilac into juicy orange.  Rather flame-like, me thinks.

Stormy Seas is quite the opposite.  Showing varying shades of blue from a light sky blue into a deeper ocean blue into a gray.  Cool and calm. 


Though this yarn is labeled as sport weight, the very generous yardage means that you will be able to use it with this design to make a very substantial piece.

The pictured shawl was knit using only 340 yards of yarn and measures 50" x 16". The Painted Lace Sand Art yarn gives you well over twice that yardage and as the pattern is written so you can knit to any size your choices are endless. 



No, Nim did not add beads to this pattern.  However, I can see beads along the points of the edging as being quite a lovely addition. 

We are offering that option via the drop-down menu labeled "Kits".  This would give you a 20g container of size 6/0s or roughly 240 beads to play with.

If you decide you'd like to add them, tell me if you have a preference on color for your beads, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 


The Pattern

We set up this kit with specially selected yarn and have not automatically included the pattern. We offer three options for getting the pattern.

1. If you prefer to get your pattern via Nim's Ravelry page here (and thus have it saved in your Rav library) then set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed."

2. Or we can print out a hard copy for you and send it along with the kit.  That option is also via the drop down menu.

3. Alternatively, I can directly email the pattern to you.  This is not automatic, however.  Usually I send the pattern when I am about to ship the pattern.