Illumine/ Beaded Kits in Lace

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Nim's original shawl.
Nim's original shawl.

Here is another web page featuring one of my favorites of  Nim Teasdale's shawls.  

I love how the shawl as she knit it looks almost like liquid silver, a waterfall of glow. And so I wanted to offer some kits that mirror it, at least to some degree. 

The Design

Nim writes: 

Illumine is inspired by the curious rays sometimes glimpsed around a source of light viewed through half-closed eyes, a camera lens, or gaps in the clouds.

Also by a skein of yarn that seemed to glow from the inside.

And by the magpie who sits outside my window and sings his heart out all night through the darkest month of winter, waiting for the dawn and the spring.

The design uses an evolving wedge shape which grows intuitively as you progress through the rows towards the ethereal edging. Light beading serves as row counters, so you can always find your place.

Note that the shawl gives both a fully written pattern and also charts so you can work from either, your choice. 

The Pattern rows are worked on the right-side only so it is not a tough one to knit.  In fact, one of her test knitters (opipipio on ravlery) wrote, "This is one of those design that looks intricate but actually quite easy to work with. The stitches used are pretty basic, so it will be a perfect project for those who wants to start lace shawl knitting IMO."

There are two possible sizes -- the one you see on these pages was knit with 615m (673y) Vivid Fiber Art Lux, on 3.5mm (US size 4) and 4mm (US size 6) needles and measures 57x25 inches (145x64cm) after blocking.

The shawl can be knit with anywhere from 670-820 yards (615 to 750m) of lace to DK yarn

The Yarn and Colorways

We have put together some rather unique kits using very different yarn and colorways than Nim used in her original.  You can see our yarns in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  Nim's shawls are shown on this page so you can envision the look.  

On this web page, we have two lace weight yarn colorways, both from Manos del Uruguay and both in the yarn called appropriately enough Lace, a 70% Baby Alpaca/ 25% silk/ 5% cashmere and 439 yards (400m) per 50 gram skein.  

Gelsie is a delicate almost-solid sea green.  A colorway that a mermaid would love!

Yokai is again a soft almost-solid, this time in a gentle turquoise, the color of the tropical seas where those mermaids frolic. 

Each kit will include two skeins of yarn so you will have more than is needed to make a most lovely large shawl. 

The Beads

Even though the beads are optional, we are including them in this kit.  I checked with Nim, and she counted the beads for me.  She wrote: 

I count 13 beads per wedge, times 14 for the number of wedges = 182 if making the pattern as written. If adding extra wedges, or doing extra repeats of the edging, it would be more.

So for this lace weight yarn we will includes 8/0 beads, a bit more than 10 grams which will give 400 beads, + or -.

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise let me choose for you.

The Pattern

Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

I know some knitters prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Nim via her Ravelry web page. In this case, go with "No Pattern Needed" and get your pattern on Ravelry.  That way it will be saved in your Rav library and you'll automatically get any updates.

Of course, if you would prefer a printed copy, just make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you via email (just be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you and do so right before shipping your kit).