Imagine When: Kits in Amitola

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Joji's original
Joji's original

Imagine When is a most intriguing design by Joji.

Plan on getting the pattern directly from the deisgner here. Our kit consists of yarn only and the pattern cost has not been factored in.

The Design

First of all, let me tell you a bit more about the pattern. Take a look at the photos of this shawl, the ones where it is opened up. You will notice that it is truly a cleverly constructed shawl, worked in garter stitch with eyelet details.

To quote Joji: Imagine the softest, most luxurious yarn, in your favorite color, creating a beautifully draped piece of fabric there to wrap your shoulders on a chilly day.

Imagine a series of triangles shaping up in a fun exciting way, but still making your knitting easy enough to relax…

Now Joji knit the original one using Sundara Yarn Merino Cashmere, a most delicious blend of merino (70%) and cashmere (20%) and nylon (10%) with 500 yards to the 150 gram skein. 

Yarn and Colorways

I was intrigued by these photos of shawls knit using Louisa Harding's Amitola. 

Amitola is made up of 80% wool + 20% silk, each skein having 273 yards (250m)/ 50g.  The colorways are dyed so that they give loooooooong color runs and I love how the colors emphasize the shapes within this shawl. 

This is not the same as the yarn and color that Joji used in her original of course.  We show them in the lower righthand corner of the top photo and again in the second, third, and fourth photos on this page.  The other pictures show Joji's original piece. 

We brought in a couple of colorways you could choose from: 

1. Obsidian is a play on neutrals, with runs of pale gray deepening slowly into finally a dark charcoal. 

2. Mandevilla is a new colorway, singing of springtime with pink into violet into silvery gray. (sorry, sold out)

3. Gothic is a very dramatic range of colors, red, into gray into almost-black. 

Your kit will consist of two balls of the colorway of your choice. 


A reminder that the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

You should get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Joji via her Ravelry web page