Indulgence Mini Sets (Laguna Bay or Violet Hill)

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Laguna Bay
Laguna Bay
Violet Hill
Violet Hill

On sale for a limited time only! (while supplies last)


Another great mix of skeins from Knitting Fever.  

These Indulgence Mini sets are groupings of four small-ish skeins (50 grams each) of 100% superwash wool, each having 153 yards (140m)/ 50g.  

The skeins have been especially selected to work beautifully with each other.  With them comes a free pattern though of course there are many many other designs that you could use them with.  


We just got these 2 new sets. 

And interestingly, I notice that both of them have been dyed so that you could (if you wish) knit them in an order so as to create a "fade."  So we photographed them purposely in that order so you can see this.

1.  Laguna Bay is a wonderful tribute to the seaside. 

Right-to-left, it includes a solid medium gray, a variegated skein with that medium gray + turquoise, another solid skein this time of turquoise, and a speckled skein of turquoise dots and dashes on a cream background.

2.  Violet Hill is a song about greens and violets. 

Again reading the photo right-to-left, you will see a solid lilac skein, a variegated lilac and mint green, a solid mint green, and a speckled mint on a cream background. 



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