Inner Circles/ Pattern Designed by Jane Thornley

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Oh wow.

When Jane emailed me this morning with this beauty I wanted to chuck everything and just cast on!

Let me quote Jane -- she says it so very very well:

As complete visual worlds with powerful symbolic meanings across all cultures, the circle is infinitely soothing, enveloping and mystical. For me, a square will never do what a circle can so I've craved escape from linearity to create circular designs that feel organic and free-spirited.

These designs are not meant to be duplicated exactly. The concept is for you to make and compose your own unique encircled explorations.

This (pattern) book contains three designs -- a cowl/scarf, shawlette and a wrap, each requiring scraps of yarns. The cowl requires approximately 150 yards, the shawlette 350 and the wrap 500-600 yards.

The designs may look intricate but are deceptively easy to make.

All the Inner Circle designs are constructed by creating half circles made in a variety of stitches and fibers mostly worked on size 5.5 mm/8 US straight needles. The full circles in central motifs are larger half circles steam pressed in such a way that the two edges fan out to meet in the center. Alternatively, two equal half circles could be sewn together to make a whole.All pieces are sewn together component-style.

In other words, this is a marvelous design to play with!

A chance to use any fancy skeins that have found their way into your stash, coupled with bits and pieces left over from other works -- or go whole hog and purchase anew with an eye to this beauty!

Truly magnificent!


What we offer is all 19 pages of Jane's "e-book" printed out on heavy paper and slid into a sheet protector. If you would rather get a PDF file to download, Jane offers that on her website and via Ravelry.


Now to go stash-diving! :-)