Inox (Prym) Steel Crochet Hook/ size 14/ 0.6 mm

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Here is an example of the non-standard-ization of these steel crochet hooks. This hook, from Inox is labelled size 14. Yet it is an amazing 0.60 mm as compared to Boye's size 14 which is 0.75. And the difference means what? It means that this crochet hook will even allow you to pick up size 8/0 beads. So if you can find a yarn that will be happy going doubled through the 8/0 bead, you can put these on with the crochet hook method.

Expand your horizons!

A note: We've noticed that lately our orders for "Inox" hooks have been coming with the same packaging but the name "Prym" on the label, and are made in Mexico instead of Germany. The product and the quality seems to be the same. We are leaving these up as "Inox" as that is how we've thought of these steel hooks forever, but we wanted to make it known.

These are great little hooks -- perfect for adding beads.