Inspired Knitters Club/ Issues One through Six/ Jane Thornley

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Jane is an amazing designer. She takes the knitter by the hand and frees her (or him) to create on the needles. In addition, all through 2010 she was issuing what she called the Inspired Knitters Club.

Each issue gave wonderful ideas and inspirations -- here is how Jane puts it:

"'Inspiration' means literally to have air breathed into the spirit. How does your creative spirit breathe? Nature, art, history, travel, culture infused the Inspired Knitters Club in 2010.

"Across twelve months and six issues, creative inspiration has flowed through these books, encouraging, awakening, and stimulating knitters, beaders, quilters, writers, painters and multiple combinations of any and all. Though current issues are provided to members of the Inspired Knitters Club only, back issues of 2010 are now available for individual sale. Come see what you’ve been missing!"

As just one example, Issue 6 consists of 21 pages that take you on a visual and instructive journey culminating in the creation of a gorgeous Tapestry Scarf. (See last photo below -- Jane writes: "The shawl/scarf... is described by knitters as a relaxing and satisfying knit. It does have its own magic when knitters allow themselves to slip into the free-range, no-mistake, zone. See the piece[below]? Nothing lines up. No stitch is perfect. Can you tell? Do you even care? Exactly. Unless you're working complex lace or a fitted design, mistakes are all in the eye of the knitter with this knitting approach. The Inspired Knitters issue, Interior Realms, dives into the concept of knitting as your private sanctuary far away from demands, especially those you place on yourself. We are our own worst critics." )

The whys, the hows, the why-nots, the possibilities, are all explored along with color ideas and how the creative process works.

That is just one of these issues.

Issue Five plays with autumn and a Fall Trunk Vest/Top as well as a wrap or two -- with all the thinking and playing with colors that goes along with it.

So that is two of them. Get the idea now? If you would like to download PDF files of these amazing tomes, go to Jane's website. What we offer here is hard-copies, printed on heavy-weight paper and slid into a sheet protector or binder to be mailed to you.

The drop-down menu allows you to select Issue one, two, three, four, five, or six. Make sure it is set as you want it before you check out.


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