Into the Garden/ A 3 Design Collection by Jane Thornley

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Jane has done it again!

In time for the glories of Summer, here is a Three-Design Collection, Into the Garden.

I will quote Jane and what she says about her inspiration and ideas for this collection here:

"We adore gardens whether we nurture our own, admire others, or keep a secret version deep in our hearts. Flowers are a gift to all and one of the many reasons why we love summer, tropical climates, or our windowsills.

"Color, texture, fragrance, come bundled in lovely shapes and intriguing combinations. What's not to love?

"So, as an ode to my own garden, I offer three new designs in homage to all that blooms.

The first one is Hydrangea, pictured above right. It is a loose, lacy, weave of drop, seed, and feather & fan light enough to toss over a tank or a tee -- flowing-ly cool for summer. You might choose to knit it in some light-weight silks, cottons, linens and/or rayons, and then mix in a little beaded silk --- enjoy the knitting as much as the wearing. Sew it together for a few inches at the sides or keep it loose and easy. Make it shorter, if you prefer. Perfect for all body types and easily adaptable for all sizes. And the first photo below shows its back -- wow and wow again.

The next one is Delphinium shown in the first photo below. It is knit in a flower garden's gorgeous blends of blues and soft purples. Jane fashioned it in drop, garter and seed. The top is like a shrug and closes in front with a pin. This one is perfect summer wear. There are three back options to choose among, including cropped, triangular or straight. This is intended to suit all body shapes and is easily adaptable for any size range. The third photo below shows one option, while also picturing Jane's garden and the source of her inspiration.

Last of all, but certainly not least, there's Garden Goddess, pictured in the fourth and fifth photos below. This one is a luxurious exuberant top celebrating all that's feminine with a shaped waist and fulsome sleeves. It uses feather & fan plus garter and drop gone luxurious in silks and linens. The lower half is worked on smaller needles while the bodice blossoms out in ribbons and handspun yarns on larger needles. Come celebrate the feminine!

This 26-page guide brims with color.

Please bear in mind: what we offer here is the hard copy -- the pattern printed out and placed in a sheet protector or binder for you and mailed. If you would rather simply download your own PDF copy, then go to Jane's website, where it is available.

In the meantime, I am off to find my needles....


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