Into the Woods/ Pattern by Rose Beck

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You can choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern (instead of the hard copy printed out) -- your choice.


I fell in love with the designs of Rose Beck and consider us very fortunate indeed to be able to offer them. Here is the pattern Into The Woods, a fantastic (in all senses of the word) beaded scarf or shawl, that plays with a woodland theme in a most unique way.

Here is what Rose writes:

"Take a leisurely stroll through the woods with this fun, asymmetrical scarf. Trees turn into leaves, which then morph into flowers.

"Because the three different lace patterns use the same number of repeat stitches across, the width is easily customized (as is the length), and beads can be added for extra flair. Beads are placed in the Tree and Flower sections, leaving the middle Leaf section to be soft and cozy for the wearer’s neck."


Both written and charted instructions are provided. The scarves as shown in the photos here were samples worked as fingering weight scarves -- however simply doubling the width (and yardage required) will result in a beautiful stole.

What fun!

And although the samples are in fingering weight, this pattern will also work well with lace, sport/dk, or worsted yarn. Rose tells you how to just change the width/length (and yardage) according to your preference. Which means that the sky is the limit -- you can create a wonderful fantasy garment from whatever tickles your fancy.

Rose rates this as an Easy to Intermediate knit.

The red scarf shown here made up to be 7 x 70 inches and used 310 yards of Saffron Dyeworks Wasabi Sock in Dreaming of Autumn, a fingering weight yarn that has 400 yards to each 100 grams (to give you an idea of what you'd be looking for to duplicate this look -- you are by no means limited here at all [at all!]).

The other sample shown in the last photo below made up to be 6 x 60 inches (after blocking) and used 280 yds JulieSpins SM370 in Black Plum. Notice that this one did not use beads -- the beads are totally an optional feature, and though I feel they add a lot you can see that the scarf is lovely without as well.

If you so choose, you will need 6/0 Beads: 204 were used for the red sample (there is a very comprehensive chart for calculating bead amounts for other sizes provided in the pattern so that should you decide to go for another size or additional repeats or the stole you will be able to figure on how many beads will be needed).

The beads are all added via the crochet-hook-method of adding them as you come to them, so if you don't have one you will certainly need a small steel crochet hook (e.g. US 8/1.4mm) for adding beads.

This is really a beauty.

There are so many yarns that really sing to me for this one. Take a look at our fingering yarn section for some ideas -- and note that it is best to stay in that weight range if you plan on adding beads. Though you might want to expand out into sport weight or DK for another marvelous look.


Anyone purchasing the pattern and enough yarn for the scarf at least (that would be about 300 - 350 yards (274 - 320 m) of fingering weight) will receive with their order as our special gift enough beads to "go" with their yarn and make the scarf as shown here. The color of the beads will be chosen to stand out on the yarn and work with it -- so make sure to tell us via the "Comments" section as you check out what yarn you are planning to use for this beauty. Just as an example, I am looking at Silver Lined Gold AB to complement Shibui Knit's Sock yarn in Bark -- wouldn't that be a striking mix? The deep brown for the trees and leaves, the gold for the sun sparkling through....


This web page offers you the hard copy of the pattern, printed out on heavy paper and slid into a sheet protector. Plus the beads if you choose to make-your-own-kit as we suggest above.

My imagination is working overtime on this design -- there are so many possibilities!