Isn't It Romantic? Marimba plus Bead Option

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Following are photos of the original shawls as knit by the designer.
Following are photos of the original shawls as knit by the designer.

An absolutely beautiful set of yarns that work into the most beautiful shawl!  We are offering this in a different color set than what you you see in the photos of the finished wrap -- no reservation on it looking awesome!


Make sure to get the pattern from the designer's Ravelry page here What we offer is the kits of the yarn plus the option of adding beads if you so choose.


This one is catch-your-breath gorgeous.

The Design

A beautiful piece created by Stephannie Tallent of Sunset Cat Designs. And the yarn is the creation of Lorna's Laces

A marriage of brilliance.  

What we offer here is a kit in the exact yarn though different colorways than what she used in her original piece.  

The Yarn

The yarn is a fantastic offering from Lorna's Laces.

  What they have done is create what is being called Lorna’s Laces String Quintet  using Shepherd Sock, 80% wool / 20% nylon.  Each set is made up of five smaller skeins, totaling 535 yds / 489 m (in other words there are 107 yards per mini-skein).  

The Colorway

1. This String Quintet set is called Marimba and includes beautiful mini-skeins in the purple and rose family..  I see a deep purple, a magenta, a fuschia, a rose, and a pink. 

2. Oboe is lovely colors including a steel gray, a goldenrod, a turquoise, a sky blue, and a very pale pistachio. 



No, the original piece does not have beads.  However, I thought there are a number of places they would enhance the whole.  You would have to decide where to add them, of course.

If you like that idea, the "Kit" drop-down menu allows you to add about 20g of size 6/0 beads (that is roughly 240 beads).  If you have a preference on color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.