Ito: New Colorways!

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Last year, Noro released Ito as a brand-new yarn.  Well, it has been a major best-seller, a lovely yarn with gorgeous colorways. 

We just brought in two new (to us) color combos and hope you enjoy. 


Ito is 100% wool and looks quite reminiscent of their standard Kuryeon.  The yarn is a bit softer right away as some merino is spun in, and as is the case with most of Noro's yarns, once it is washed it softens up amazingly. 

What makes this yarn unique is it is 437 yards (400m)/ 200g of Noro's traditionally looooong color runs, in vibrant tones. Truly deliciously gorgeous. 


We currently have two colorways. 

Yubari (color #3) is a wonderfu blend of what I think of as summertime garden colors.  There are greens of varying tones from spring green into evergreen, there are sky blues and violets, browns and golds, reds and oranges and all sorts of hues in between. (Sorry, sold out.)

Bizen (color #4) is a deeper blend of colors, with some very dark tones as well as a blend of lighter ones.  I see browns and reds, yellows, golds and teals, a bit of aqua, some orange, some magenta and wine -- and I probably left some out as well.  Think of a late-summer-early-autumn garden after the sun has set.