Jack in the Pulpit Socks/Beaded Pattern by Sivia/ Bead Gift

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A great new sock design from Sivia Harding, these fantastic Jack in the Pulpit Socks were first published as part of the Pico-Accuardi Dyeworks Sock Club in 2010 and are now available to all knitters.

I am thrilled!

Here is how Sivia describes them:

"Texture, lace, and beads are more than the sum of their parts when merged together in this delightful sock. Jack- in-the-pulpits march up the center front, beads and all, and the undulating lacy ribs on either side step aside to let them pass. The beaded pattern starts right away at the tip of the round toe, and the fun continues from there. "


The heel is a traditional gusset and heel flap construction with the pattern on the heel flap. And these socks are beaded using the crochet hook add-as-you-go method -- so bear in mind that a very thin crochet hook is part of your knitting requirements.

You will need about 380 yards of a sock/ fingering weight yarn and about 50 size 6/0 beads.

The photos you see here of the originals were taken by Vivian Aubrey.

As our special bead gift to you, we will include at least 50 beads with your order if you should order enough of the sock/fingering yarn to make these with the pattern. We will choose beads to blend or to contrast with the yarn -- if you have a particular preference, let me know as you check out via the "Comments" section. (And if you should order more than one yarn at the same time, just tell us which one you need the beads for.)

These are real beauties! And fun to knit for sure.