Jet Vitrail: O Beads and Dragon Scales

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Two new kinds of beads from the Czech Republic.

The colorway of both here are what is called Jet Vitrail. I will guess that the bead starts its life a rich siny black color and then highlights are added. The main highlights I see are variations on lime green and hot pink.

The O beads are 3.8 x 1 mm. Per the data I have, there are roughly 13 beads per gram; so in size and weight they are similar to size 6/0 beads. They are much thinner and have a rather large 1 mm inner hole.

They seem to be mostly highlights, the black being fairly well covered. Yet they glow with a really striking look.

The Dragon Scale beads are 5 X 3.75 X 1.5 mm with smaller 0.2 mm holes. As near as I can calculate, there seem to be about 40 beads per gram. That might be off some, though, so figure accordingly.

These have definitely different sides. One side of the bead is the black, the other is the vitrail highlight. Thus you might choose to thread them on your project all lying in one direction or alternating, or perhaps randomly. Each will give a slightly different look.

We are packaging these in roughly 5 gram packets. Make your choice on the type of bead and the number of packages you want via the drop-down menus.