Jo's Pride Hooded Shawl/ Pattern by Sivia Harding

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This is a stunning piece; Sivia has done it again.

Here is what this most amazing designer writes about Jo's Pride Hooded Shawl:

"Beaded lace and garter stitch combine beautifully in this hooded shawl which is cast on in the traditional manner at bottom edge and is worked up to the top of the hood, where a single seam joins it all together. Shoulder shaping produces an excellent fit, and the garter stitch border provides a lovely resting space for a shawl pin at the neck overlap. This pattern is both written out and charted. Beads are added with the crochet hook add-as-you-go method.

"This shawl first appeared in the Victorian Writers’ Club as a tribute to Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, one of my favorite books while I was growing up. I always related best to Jo, the feisty young writer-to-be. Despite the rigid societal morés of the time, she had to live life on her own terms. I tried to bring out the complicated, exquisite hidden depths of Jo in this shawl design, which is practical as well as fanciful, and I have designed a garment that might have been worn by Jo as an evening coverup in those Civil War days. The beads add depth, mystery and intrigue. I do hope you enjoy making and wearing this shawl, which is now in two sizes."

I am totally in awe. This is beautiful.

I have some yarns picked out to put together into beautiful kits for this wonder -- but wanted to offer on this web page the pattern alone. This would be a hard copy, all ten pages printed out on heavy weight paper and slid into a sheet protector. There are both written and charted directions throughout.

What is needed is between 770 - 1000 yards (704 - 914 m) of fingering weight yarn, depending on it you plan to make the medium or large size. The sizes refer to finished measurements with a length at center back of 19 (25)"/48 (63.5) cm and a width from center back to each tip: 29.5 (39.5)"/150.

You will also want about 280 (470) of size 6/0 beads which are added via the crochet hook place-as-you-go method.


(200.5) cm